Senja by Maddie was founded during the lockdown in January 2021 by Maddie Sellers. It began with upcycling and making clothes for friends which slowly grew into scheduled monthly drops and made-to-order garments. 

Exploring different dye techniques, brightly coloured prints and sunset tones are all elements that pay homage to the designer’s Indonesian heritage. The brand continues to be rooted in exploring the potential of pre-loved clothing and all the coats and cardigans are second-hand, sourced by Maddie. The trims are then attached using a mixture of hand and machine sewing techniques, which completely transforms the garment and gives it a new life. This means that many of the Senja by Maddie pieces are one of a kind. 

The knitwear pieces are knitted in London by Maddie and her small team. There is almost zero waste when making these as each panel is shaped on the knitting machine and every piece is made-to-order so there is never any surplus stock. 

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